Mercedes Benz

Mercedes offer a wide range of different motors that could easily suit a wide range of customers. For those who need a hatchback, there’s the A-Class available; and for customers who will want something that can easily fit all the family, the V-Class is the one to go for. There are of course also sportier options available if you run a car dealership that offers sporty cars. With Mercedes offering a wide range of vehicles you could easily operate as a used car dealer that exclusively sells Mercedes motors. If you search for Mercedes Benz reliability however, there are a few articles on the internet that question it, which could lead to your customers having to repair their cars more than they would like.


BMW also have a wide range of vehicles; in fact their range of models is so extensive you could become a trader that only sells BMW motors from the ‘X’ range, for example, as there are 11 different versions of the X series cars, ranging from the X1 to the X6. BMW also have an electric range which is sure to grow in size, so being a BMW trader exclusively could set you up to have a good electric stock for when car owners decide to go green. On the other end of the scale, BMW offer a good performance marquee with the M badge which could help you as a car dealer.

Electric Revolution

Forecasts for the future anticipate that more and more motorists will be opting for electric vehicles when going to a car dealer. Mercedes offering on the electric front is poor, so as a used car dealer they don’t currently provide many options, however, Mercedes will electrify their entire range by 2022. BMW on the other hand already offer two types of electric vehicles, and one is a supercar. If you repair vehicles before selling them on you may have some retraining to do so that you are able to repair the electric vehicles you intend to sell.

Which Mercedes Motors and BMW Motors are Cheap to Repair?

Essentially there aren’t any BMW motors or Mercedes motors that are cheap to repair; because it’s a luxury marque, the price to service and repair the cars is always going to be high. However, the cheaper cars offered by Mercedes and BMW are likely going to be the ones that are cheap to repair or service, such as the BMW 1 Series and the Mercedes A-Class. If your car dealer business is one that undertakes repairs on cars before selling them on, then you will obviously be more interested in a car that’s both easy and cheap to repair.


Choosing between stocking BMW vehicles or Mercedes motors as a car dealer can be tricky, however after some research you should find the answer and hopefully the right path for you as a motor trader. Both brands have a wide range of vehicles making them both good choices. Although, BMW fall short when it comes to an MPV as they are fairly new so you may struggle to stock any if you are a used car dealer. Mercedes’ lack of electric vehicles would be a concern if you were to stock Mercedes motors instead of BMW as you will be unprepared for buyers looking for electric vehicles.